Proximity Sensor Screen On/Off

Proximity Sensor Screen On/Off

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ATTENTION: This app requires an very precisely working proximity sensor. On some devices the sensor works extremely inaccurately. If this is the case, using this app makes no sense!
VIDEO: The shown feature "Go back to home screen" is only available in the paid version "Proximity Sensor Phone Control".
NOTE: The PHONE STATE permission is used to deactivate this app during phone calls. Otherwise, your ear would unintentionally activate the proximity sensor and the app.
On some devices turning off of the screen takes sometimes a little bit longer. In this case go in the App settings screen to Advanced settings and enable feature to turn screen off immediately. Or just repeat the finger swipe.
"Proximity Sensor Screen On/Off" is a really cool app to turn screen on and off just with a finger swipe.
The app turns the screen on and off without pressing any button. No need to turn the screen on and off by pressing the hardware power button. Just move your finger over the proximity sensor, that's all.
- Watch the short video to see how the app works.
- Find out the exact position of the phone's proximity sensor.
- Normally the proximity sensor is located near the earpiece on top of the phone.
Turn screen on:
- Hold the device face-up and swipe your finger TWICE quickly over the proximity sensor to turn screen ON.
- NOTE: You have to swipe exactly TWICE within 700 milliseconds.
- NOTE: You have to hold the device face-up while approaching the proximity sensor twice (as the video demonstrates).
- The display-up-feature and swiping TWICE secures the phone against unintentional switching on.
Turn screen off:
- Swipe your finger TWICE quickly over the proximity sensor to turn screen OFF.
- The app is deactivated during phone calls.
- The app recognizes when the device is in a pocket and when the display is not up.
- The screen / phone does not turn on when the proximity sensor is covered or when the display is down.
- Vibration feedback when the finger approaches the proximity sensor.
- It's an convenient and really cool way turning screen on / off.
- "Proximity Sensor Screen On/Off" is free and contains no advertising.
- No mechanical buttons are needed to turn screen on / off. That saves the hardware power button / home button of the Smartphone for longer use.
In contrast to other comparable apps, "Proximity Sensor Screen On/Off" consumes very low battery power. The app does not use wake locks that keep the processor from sleeping or the screen from turning off and thereby could drain the battery.
In the app settings you can set a time interval during which the app is disabled (for example over night). This saves the battery power because you don't need to keep the application on all the time.
- PHONE STATE: is needed to deactivate this app during phone calls.
- WAKE LOCK: is needed to turn on the screen when the user touches the proximity sensor.
- SETTINGS: is needed to access the screen timeout time in order to turn the screen off when the user touches the proximity sensor.
- VIBRATOR: is needed to access the vibrator in order to get vibration feedback when the user touches the proximity sensor.
- Phone cases with flip cover are not supported.
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